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Greetings and welcome to Alleghany Moon Variety Store.

We at Allegheny Moon Variety Store believe that a CHANEL bag is the one quintessential element of building our wardrobe. You will find in our closets, right beside our tees and jeans is the perfect CHANEL handbag that will complement any outfit.

A replica bag will not find a home in our wardrobes. The reasons are many. Most importantly, a replica does not provide the unparalleled level of quality we can and do expect from an authentic CHANEL. Additionally, a replica bag is an illegal product, a result of its unlawful production. A knockoff bags can, and often is, used as a tool by which criminal organizations attempt to pocket money from sales. Much of that money generally goes to funding various other illegal activities.

Those of us at Alleghany Moon Variety Store do not believe in indirectly funding criminal activities and therefore choose to avoid all replicas. For more details, keep reading…


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